Art as it Exists in Time at the British Art Show 7 in Glasgow

british art show 7 glasgow

Held once every five years, the British Art Show is recognized by many as the most influential and ambitious exhibition of contemporary British art. British Art Show 7 (BAS7) has just arrived in Glasgow and features the work of 39 of the most exciting artists in the UK today. Subtitled “In the Days of the Comet,” BAS7 exhibits explore the theme of time and change while proposing alternative methods of thinking about the “Here and Now.” Three separate venues in Glasgow showcase the works of art: Gallery of Modern Art (GoMA), Tramway and the Centre for Contemporary Art (CCA).

british art show 7 glasgow tramway cullinan richards

After checking out the exhibitions at GoMA and Tramway, I sat down at Cafe Gandolfi for lunch with Alan Miller (perhaps the Zelig of Scottish Contemporary Art). Alan explained that the exhibits of BAS7 are meant to push people and make people think and ask questions related to how art exists and evolves over time. He also shared how comets’ paths, like art, follow not a straight line, but instead more of an ellipse.

british art show 7 glasgow goma

When I mentioned how I was a bit confused by Karla Black’s “Brains Are Really Everything” (made of soil, paint, glue, plaster, powder, and soap), Alan was quick to point out how her work is all about the materials and how the materials she uses behave: how they fall, how they set, how they decay and even how each of the materials has a different lifespan.

british art show 7 glasgow tramway karla blackbritish art show 7 glasgow tramway karla black
British Art Show 7 is in Glasgow this summer from May 27, 2011 through August 21, 2011 and features art in a range of media from sculpture to video, all of which highlight ways in which artists conjure histories to illuminate our present time.

british art show 7 glasgow gomabritish art show 7 glasgow gomabritish art show 7 glasgow goma

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  1. A Lady in London June 9, 2011 12:07 pm

    Great post. The photos are really good. I love Cafe Gandolfi in Glasgow, too!

  2. Angela June 10, 2011 6:39 pm

    Great shots, must have been very interesting, I love this kind of exhibitions.

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