Girona Tourism Board Gives it Another Go with Blogtrip #InPyrenees


Beginning this Monday, a group of ten travel bloggers from around the world will journey to Spain where they will make their way to Cerdanya in Catalonia to start the 7 day #InPyrenees blogtrip.

After pulling off the very successful #InCostaBrava blogtrip this past May, the Girona Tourism Board is at it again. This time, instead of hugging the beautiful Mediterranean coast, the tourist board is leading the group up into the Girona Pyrenees with the goal of converting a heterogeneous crew of travel bloggers into social media ambassadors for their region.

“I hope to enhance the synergies between public and private stakeholders in order to generate value and keep innovating promotional activities” said Jaume Marin, Marketing Director at the Costa Brava Girona Tourist Board. Another primary goal of the trip is “to generate quality content in order to have a larger internet presence and add value to the Pirineu de Girona brand,” Juame added.

The ten travel bloggers heading to the Pyrenees this coming week include Abigail King, Annie Bennett, Iain Mallory, Julie Schwietert Collazo, Leah Hajner, Nellie Huang, Paul Steele, a representative from National Geographic, Yvonne Zagermann and myself.

Based on what they have learned from previous blog trips, what is the Girona Tourism Board doing differently this time?

Primarily, they have reduced the size of the group in order to provide a more personal experience for each of the travel bloggers. This also allows the tourist board to tailor parts of the program specifically to certain bloggers in an effort to provide “hands on” experience and transform daily activities into unique and memorable experiences which can be enthusiastically presented to their respective audiences.

What do the travel bloggers and their followers have to look forward to?

Jaume and his team want to keep it a surprise. Who knows? Perhaps we will meet the “Messi of the mountains?” Maybe we will go for a ride in a hot air balloon over a volcanic landscape? Follow the #InPyrenees hastag to find out.

One hint:

If you are a foodie, be sure to tune in next Friday.

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  • It’s cool to see what they’re doing differently this time, as compared to last time. Sounds like a great trip! I’ll have to follow along on Twitter.

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