Johnny Jet To Become American Express Star Blogger


To showcase the benefits of the Starwood American Express card, money-saving travel blogger, Johnny Jet, has been selected by American Express as one of its star travel bloggers.

American Express has teamed up with Johnny Jet to help people discover better ways to travel while saving money and getting the most out of their experience. As part of the deal, Johnny and a guest will have the opportunity to attend some really cool events including the Tribeca Film Festival, the U.S. Open, and New York Fashion Week.

Talking to me last week, Johnny explained that the deal came about quite organically:

I’ve met many of the folks from Starwood and AMEX over the years and we’ve been trying to figure out a way to work together. This was a good starting point since we have many of the same goals to provide travelers with the best information and insider tips for how to do it right.

As an added bonus, for each event Johnny attends, his readers will get the chance to have a similar experience courtesy of American Express:

The best part is I get to play Santa (without gaining a lot of weight, growing a beard and wearing a polyester red suit) by giving my readers an opportunity to have similar experiences.

What kind of competitions will he run?

You will just have to follow me on, @JohnnyJet, Pinterest and Facebook to find out!


We’re only going to be announcing the contest details in the days before they begin so you’ll have to follow along to make sure you get the first chance to enter!

Update: Johnny Jet is not the only Starwood Amex blogger. See comments below.

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