My Trip to Malta on Instagram

iPhoneography is a style of mobile photography that differs from other forms of digital photography in that images are shot and edited on an iPhone. There are many popular applications that allow you to take a photo, apply editing and effects and share it. My favorite iPhoneography apps are Camera+, Fotolr, Instagram and Photoshop Express.

Utilizing Instagram, SnapWidget and Google maps, I have shared some of my own iPhoneography from Malta in a way that allows others to better visualize my travel story. Follow Me on Instagram and check back here as I’ll be uploading more photos throughout my trip.

Learn More About Malta
It’s with good reason Lonely Planet refers to “the magic of Malta.” Known for its golden, sun-kissed beaches, this tiny island country in the Mediterranean has all that – and more. Especially in the summer, the warm and welcoming Maltese people host visitors on holiday from all over the world. Continue Reading →