The 2017 Periodic Table of SEO

Search Engine Land has released the 2017 edition of the Periodic Table of SEO Success Factors. In this latest version, mobile, direct answers and speed factors have all gained a greater weight.

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Overall, the goal of the table is to help publishers focus on the right combination of positive “on the page” and “off the page” SEO ranking factors. Within these two types, there are 7 categories that, in total, include 35 individual factors which range from making use of descriptive HTML title tags to having success with visitor engagement.

“On the page” ranking factors, which you control directly, are content, HTML and architecture. “Off the page” ranking factors are influenced by others not directly tied to a publisher’s site. Some elements on the Periodic Table of SEO hold more weight than others, with 3 being assigned to the most important factors and 1 to the least important factors.

There are also negative factors which include spam activities that can harm your visibility. Violations can include such things as showing search engines different pages than humans, overstuffing pages with keywords, and embedding paid links. The act of creating inbound links by spamming blogs, forums and other sites also hurts the trust and links ranking factors.