Follow Me as I Visit London for WTM

Beginning this Monday, I will be in London attending World Travel Market (#WTM2011), the premier global event for the travel industry. During my stay, Tweets about my adventures and various happenings throughout the week will abound. My schedule is growing by the minute, making for a very engaging and productive week. While the primary objective[…]

The Chemistry of SEO

Impressive photos, dazzling illustrations and the most inspired writing may remain unseen by potential visitors if the web’s most meaningful spiders crawl right by. The idea of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is to design your website in a way that will boost its visibility within the rankings of major search engines. To help visualize the[…]

How to Make Basic Style Changes to Your Blog’s CSS

I once asked a group of travel bloggers what they found to be the most frustrating part of having a blog. The most popular response?  “Trying to make basic changes to my theme’s style.” During the beginning stages of creating and publishing my blog, I remember often thinking, “for crying out loud! How hard can[…]

People, Adventure and Food in the Pyrenees – Blogtrip Report

I recently joined nine other travel bloggers as part of the #InPyrenees blogtrip sponsored by the Girona Tourism Board to get the real story about the Girona Pyrenees. Starting in Cerdanya (about a two-hour drive from Barcelona, Spain), our group of travel bloggers spent seven days traveling along the Pyrenees mountains until we reached the[…]

Marblehead Resident Helps Create E-zine for Travel Bloggers

Here’s an article from my local newspaper on the early success of…, the new online publication for international travel bloggers co-founded by Marblehead resident Rich Whitaker, is a proving to be a big hit with its readers. It has already broken through the 100,000 rank on and is about to break through[…]

Girona Tourism Board Gives it Another Go with Blogtrip #InPyrenees

Beginning this Monday, a group of ten travel bloggers from around the world will journey to Spain where they will make their way to Cerdanya in Catalonia to start the 7 day #InPyrenees blogtrip. After pulling off the very successful #InCostaBrava blogtrip this past May, the Girona Tourism Board is at it again. This time,[…]

Gowalla 4.0 – A Social Travel App That Bears Little Resemblance to the Previous Versions

With geolocation based social networks moving towards combining check-ins with deals and rewards, which was never part of their vision, the team at Gowalla recently sat down to dream it all up again. The question Gowalla CEO Josh Williams posed to his team was, “How do we create something more akin to a social Lonely[…]

Wanderers in Residence 2.0 – Gap Adventures’ Celebrity Ambassadors

About a year ago, Gap Adventures introduced its Wanderers in Residence program with the goal of building relationships with the Wanderers that inspired conversation around the world on the topic of travel. Many companies have celebrity ambassadors and the Wanderers in Residence is Gap Adventures’ approach to creating these ambassadors. To the team at Gap[…]

Secure your blog and make it faster. A free solution from CloudFlare

Late last week I started following a thread in the Travel Bloggers Facebook group on the topic of CloudFlare. A member of the group posted a link titled, CloudFlare: A website security product accidentally makes sites 60% faster. The post caught my attention as I had personally experienced some problems as a result of recent[…]